While wholesaling continues to be very important to this Nova Scotia based Company, the new warehouse outlet has allowed them the opportunity to increase retail sales and expand product lines.

River’s Bend handles its product from saw log to finished product.

We invite everyone to stop in and see our showroom. We have 16 large samples of flooring right on the floor so you can what your floor will look like when its down.

River’s Bend started manufacturing flooring at its site in Meadow Green, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1994. The company has grown and expanded since then and in 2003 opened a new manufacturing facility and wholesale outlet on Pomquet River Road. River’s Bend manufactures it own line of Nova Scotian unfinished flooring as well as wainscoting, baseboard, casing, mouldings and also has the ability to do custom profiles. They are very proud of their milling and receive numerous compliments on the length of their flooring strips. They continually strive to exceed industry standards in the manufacturing of wood flooring. River’s Bend produces Prefinished Hardwood Flooring finished by Preverco. They supply engineered hardwood flooring as well. The warehouse outlet also boasts a wide variety of beautiful stair components.

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